• Herman Miller A02 6×6 47

    Herman Miller A02 6×6 47



    These Herman Miller AO2 cubicles are shared 6×6 47″ Tall, divided by a 30″x 39″ panel Each cubicle has (2) F/F Pedestals (Black Umber), (1) 48″ Corner Worksurface, (2) 24×24 Worksurface and paper management. The Herman Miller AO2 cubicle is a tried and true solution to your work space demands. The components to these cubicles […]

    Available Quantity: 163
  • MaiSpace Private Office

    MaiSpace Private Office



    The MaiSpace Private Office is designed to enhance the look and funtionality of your office. Your MaiSpace private office can be configured to fit any office work environment and calibrated to any individual employee. You will have substantial worksurface, and filing space as well as overhead storage. One of the advantages to the MaiSpace Private […]

    Available Quantity: 25
  • Allsteel Private Office

    Allsteel Private Office



    Meet Productivity with the Allsteel Private Office. The Allsteel private office takes on a variety of different looks and serve many different purposes. If you want to formally furnish out offices behind closed doors with traditional storage and classic wood desking, to casual, colorful spaces consisting of durable laminates, open storage, and worksurfaces you have […]

    Available Quantity: 33
  • Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicle

    Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicle



    The Herman Miller Ethospace is a station that is built to endure, made for technology, and designed for change in the office environment. The first frame-and-tile cubicle for the office furniture industry, the  Herman Miller Ethospace cubicle  has a history of helping organizations like yours look ahead. the Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicle has been updated and expanded ever since, […]

    Available Quantity: 10
  • Herman Miller Resolve Used Cubicles

    Herman Miller Resolve Used Cubicles



    There are no panels in the Herman Miller Resolve Used Cubicles. Herman Miller Resolve Used Cubicles Provide a high degree of function and style to any office. The elegantly simple structure is based on poles with screens and canopies attached, an inventive approach that allows greater diversity of workstation patterns and more cost-effective use of […]

    Available Quantity: 93
  • Haworth Unigroup Used Cubicles 8×6 66″ Tall

    Haworth Unigroup Used Cubicles 8×6 66″ Tall



    Haworth Unigroup Used Cubicles If you are looking for a top-tier cubicle solution for your office, our Haworth Unigroup Used Cubicles 8×6 66″ Tall product is a home run. Haworth is among the top manufacturers of modern office furniture. Our “Haworth Unigroup Cubicles 8×6 66″ Tall” cubicles are a great way to allow multiple employees […]

    Available Quantity: 200
  • Haworth Unigroup Cubicles 6×6 48/66

    Haworth Unigroup Cubicles 6×6 48/66



    Haworth Unigroup Cubicles 8×6 If you have been looking for high-quality panel based cubicle systems, our Haworth Unigroup Cubicles are at the intersection of quality and affordability. These 8×6 units offer height from 48″ to 66″. These partitions allow each employee to work comfortably in their own space. This configuration creates a “happy medium” between […]

    Available Quantity: 400
  • Unigroup Used Cubicles 6×6 48″ Tall Cubicle by Haworth

    Unigroup Used Cubicles 6×6 48″ Tall Cubicle by Haworth



    Unigroup Used Cubicles 6×6 Cubicles will save you space and money, but not at the cost of comfort. Einstein once said regarding finding a solution to a math problem, “Make it as simple as possible, but no simpler.” The Unigroup Used Cubicles 6×6 48″ Tall Cubicle by Haworth represents excellence in engineering. What it lacks […]

    Available Quantity: 200
  • Herman Miller Resolve Workstations

    Herman Miller Resolve Workstations



    Herman Miller Resolve Herman Miller Resolve is one of the most Colorful Flexible workstations on the market when it comes to an office setting. If you are looking to bring a little life into the office environment and create a great atmosphere for employees to work in, then Herman Miller Resolve is definitely a great choice! […]

    Available Quantity: 95
  • Haworth Premise Workstations 7.5×8 (64)

    Haworth Premise Workstations 7.5×8 (64)



    Haworth Premise Workstations Every year Haworth Premise Workstations become more advanced to fit the everyday needs of any office setting. For many start up companies who have a tight budget but want to give their employees the most beneficial work area they possibly can, Haworth Premise Workstations are an excellent option. This system is an easy […]

    Available Quantity: 117
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